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We're all friends here. If you're interested in discussions on cryptocurrency, financial markets, trading, technology, or anything else really, you'll fit in perfectly.

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Investing is difficult

It doesn't need to be. Let's see if we can help

Step 1) Join the Discord Channel

We're a group of traders, focused on bettering ourselves and others every day. Just click one of the many "join Discord" buttons on the screen (you will be taken to a separate website), create an account, and a member of our staff (or maybe community) will greet you.

We put a lot of time and effort into helping our members achieve things they never believed they could. Your support and generosity helps us keep everything running smoothly, and we are greatly appreciative.

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Step 2) What to do in the Discord?

We're all just here to help each other out. Discuss the markets in #crypto-chat, check out one of our guides in #educational-content, or cruise on over to #the-coffee-shop to chat about anything you like. If you're still struggling, we have a few tools (signals, guides, automated trading) that will help you grow your portfolio and grow as an investor.

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Step 3) Feeling Generous?

If you've ever sat down with a financial advisor, you've likely heard the following: "Take the long view" "Don't try to time the market" "A healthy diversification is key!" "The sooner you start the better"


While great advice, the truth is, for our parents and grandparents investing was that simple. Yet times change, and that simply isn't the case anymore. Here’s a phrase you most likely didn't hear from your Financial Advisor:


“A Rising Tide lifts all Boats…”


As technological innovation connected global markets, corporate profits ballooned as they built their monopolies, and a widely diversified portfolio grew from the network effect alone. Today however, passive success in traditional markets has become its own gamble.


Another topic not likely covered by your financial advisor: Cryptocurrency. More than just digital Monopoly Money, cryptocurrencies have matured to become a regulated asset class with a total market value that is north of $1.5 Trillion USD.


But isn’t the cryptocurrency market volatile? Yes. Does that make investing in cryptocurrency risky? Yes, but over the past 10 years, Bitcoin has averaged a 297% return per year, and our goal is to help you understand it.


Introducing #Hegemony, an educational community that prides itself on the focused exploration of trading ideas, passive investment strategies, and identification of key market trends in this new world of decentralized finance.


Whether novice or veteran investors, our proprietary tools and proven methods of wealth generation are designed to help you filter the signal from the noise. Smart money has begun to take notice, and a clear case can be made that the greatest risk associated with cryptocurrency, may very well be missing your turn!


Join us on Discord for free today!

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